The Suppression of Knowledge

The basis for how we live our lives and understand the things around us, society, personal relationships, family values and the like, is rooted in what we are told by “the authorities”. Unfortunately, much of what you have been told is just not true. You have been lied to about science, astronomy, the environment, global warming, government, taxation, war, energy, inventions, education, terrorism, health, finance and the media, to name a few that spring to mind.

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ihealth Cancer can only come alive and grow in a body that is lacking oxygen. The average person today, especially someone with cancer, is walking around with a serious case of insufficient oxygen.

The pharmaceuticals industry is one of the biggest money-making operations on the planet. It may come as a shock to you, but they don’t want to cure people. Instead, they want people to go on buying expensive medication at heavily inflated prices. Long term health treatments are their ideal situation as that provides them with a continuous revenue stream. Several people have come up with very effective cures for cancer and other serious illnesses, and those people have received the same unjustifiable, outrageous treatment as do the inventors of free-energy devices. The pharmaceuticals industry is well aware of the highly beneficial effects of colloidal silver, but they will never produce any as they can’t patent it and charge highly inflated prices for it. Consequently, they are not interested as their only objective is to make money, and it is definitely not to cure people.

The late Bob Beck emphasised this in his video lecture which may still be available here

Here is an excerpt from that lecture:


For the last five years I have spent my own money (no government or university funding) in investigating a thing which has proven to be the most remarkable thing for all diseases that I have ever heard of personally, and I have been in this field for about forty years.

I have a stack of IRB Studies – PCR laboratory reports from major hospitals around the United States, and until these are peer-reviewed published, I am not supposed to show them to anyone who is not a medical doctor because of patient confidentiality.

Now, how many of you have read that there is no cure for AIDS? That is an absolute lie. There has been a perfectly workable, 95% accurate cure for HIV and cancer and herpes and hepatitis and Epstein-Barr and about a dozen other incurable diseases, which was invented on March 11th 1990 at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City by Drs Kelly and Wymans.

An what happened to this breakthrough which is far more important than penicillin, antibiotics, anything you can name - it has been suppressed. And why has this information been withheld from you – information which you can easily prove for yourself (don’t take my word here for anything: check it out)? I found recently that the Mafia owns about 51% of major pharmaceutical houses as well as working the other side of the track with the illegal drugs from South and Central America and China.

The medical cartels in this country (USA) will charge you from $50,000 to $200,000 if you have terminal cancer and this is for surgery and chemotherapy and radiation and hospital care.

Consider a packet of Wrigley’s Spearmint chewing gum. That packet of chewing gum cost me a nickel (5 cents or $0.05) when I was a young man and I paid $1.32 for that packet at the Chicago Airport recently - $1.00 for the gum plus $0.32 for taxes and handling. The price of that package of chewing gum is every penny (cent) that it takes to cure [and I’m not supposed to use this word as only a doctor may use the word ‘cure’] most of the known diseases in America today. And why haven’t you heard about this? – because General Electric, Westinghouse, and the other companies have billions of dollars tied up in X-rays, CAT scanners and MRIs which are leased to health organisations, and for $1.32 you can cure yourself without doctors, without pharmaceuticals, without medicines, certainly without surgery, certainly without chemotherapy, without any drugs, without any herbs, any homeopathy remedies – you can do it for yourself and it has been done.

People keep asking “why haven’t I heard about this, why are there no hospital studies?”. There are hundreds of them. Here is one test result: At this date, the eleventh of August 1998 this patient had only about 3,063 particles of HIV in his blood. But now, as this test develops, the PCR on the third of November 1998, (several months later), the count was less than 1 in a hundred, which means that the test result was zero as far as this test was concerned. We have a stack of these reports a foot and a half (45 cm) deep, where every one of these full-blown AIDS patients, every one even though some of them were on life-support systems or needed attendants to lift them from the bed, these people are symptom-free now. Every single one of them is back at work. Not one of them has the symptoms of AIDS. So, if you read in your newspaper ‘the proceeds of the baseball game this Saturday will be donated to a search for a cure for AIDS’ that is an absolute lie.

There is, and has been, a cure for AIDS – all AIDS – a cure for about 95% of cancer, a 100% cure for Epstein-Barr, hepatitis, lupus, about a 50% cure for herpes, and I’ve been funding these out of my own pocket. I have absolutely nothing whatsoever for sale. God has been exceedingly good to me – I think that I am going about my Father’s business here, and I am paying for it myself and I am giving to the world.

There is a free paper available entitled “Take Back Your Power” (a web download link for this is here) you do not need doctors, nurses, chiropractors, herbs, pharmaceuticals, surgery. Only if you are going along with the politically-correct solutions do you need these things that your neighbours have been depending on for all these many generations. There was paper entitled “Blood Electrification and Immune System Restoration with Microcurrents – A Proven, Startling, Rapid, Inexpensive and Safe Discovery for Positive, Controllable Remissions”. Now we found that this information has been suppressed. The doctors who discovered this, and let me tell you about the discovery: In 1990, they put a couple of small platinum wires into a Petrie dish that contained highly infected human blood, and the infection there was a very, very strong dose of HIV which was supposedly the cause of AIDS. They found that when they had electrified this blood, the HIV could no longer attach to any receptor sites in the blood. That means that the healthy cells could not be infected by the HIV. The only mention of this incredible discovery was in Science News March 30th 1991, page 207, ‘Shocking Treatment Proposed for AIDS’ and it tells about how these two doctors had given a paper on this process saying, ‘the experiments described on March 14th at Washington DC at the first International Symposium on Combination Therapies, showed that the shocked viruses lost the ability to make an enzyme crucial for their reproduction and could no longer cause the white cells to clump together – the true key signs of viral infection.

The only papers which I was able to find that got into the American press were Science News and an article in Longevity News ‘Electrocuting the AIDS Virus’. But what happened in the Longevity article (which was December 1992, page 14), was that Dr Colley said ‘it will be 15 years before this process is ready for human experimentation’.

We have been doing it, sub-rosa, with patient consent, for over five years here, and we have the test results to prove it. When I was lecturing to a room of about 800 people, an 80-year old man came up and said ‘Bob, I was sent home today, my cancer had metastasised all through my system. I was told to go home and make my will, as I had at the most, about two or three weeks to live. I went home and I made my will and I saw your article in some magazine and I did it. I am now free of all cancer. My biopsies are clean, my CAT scans are clean. I went back to work, and being an attorney, I had to work sixteen hours per day to catch up on all the work I had missed while I was in intensive care. Now I’m jogging three miles per day’ (and there were tears running down his face).

We have had women who have had lupus for about ten years, barely able to make it from the couch in front of the television to the bedroom. They are back at the malls now, spending their money, walking around and able to hold jobs full-time. Do any of you know Linda Wright ? She brought in a clean blood test one day and said ‘my doctor had to send this to two different labs – he’s never seen a person with clean blood after that person has had lupus’.

We have dozens of these people, and not one of these people went to the doctor for the cure, except for the people who are on this Institutional Review Board study at a hospital in Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, California. Now, the point is, in my humble opinion, and we can put anything against this because we know that it is true at this time, when I first started this I thought ‘this is kind of interesting’. I have looked into five hundred things that never worked, the Rife Machine never worked, Holderclarke’s Machine does not work, many, many, many of these devices work only marginally, and I felt ‘I’m about to be taken in again’, I have built Mucalsky multiple-wave oscillators as you know. I have built almost every electro-medical device since I’ve been in California (since World War Two began), and these things worked at best, marginally. But the thing which you can build for yourself, there is nothing that you have to buy. The circuit diagram and all of the instructions for building this, are in the paper. This is the one which I designed in 1991 to make an experimental study with, and you can get a kit from an electronics store. I get not one nickel from the tens of thousands of dollars worth of these kits which they have sold.


There is a parts list on page 4 that tells you what is needed. Even if you don’t know what a resistor is, or a capacitor is, take it in and set it on the counter at Radio Shack and tell them to give you what is on the list. The retail price ready-made is around $50. If you build it yourself it will cost $15 to $20 and this machine will not only make colloids, which is the most powerful medicine known to man, (which is why the FDA has stamped it out recently).

SOTA Instruments Inc. Canada (1-800-224-0242) builds these devices because the owner read the article in PACE magazine and his wife had chronic fatigue syndrome and Epstein-Barr so badly that she was non-functional. She is now up and around and is totally well today because my husband built this little box for about $15. The box straps on the arm with the electrodes positioned on the radial and ulna arteries and puts a very small electrification into the body which removes all parasites, viruses, fungus, microbes, pathogens – everything in the blood which does not belong there and was not there the day that you were born, eventually (after two or three weeks) being neutralised and discarded by your body, dead or alive by the spleen, the kidneys and the liver. This is darned exciting but when the hospitals tried to patent this, US Patent 5,188,738 presented to Dr Colley on February 23rd 1993, describes the process, as do fourteen other patents from Harvard MIT, page 1 column 1 says ‘because of this problem (the fact that there is no known antibiotic or vaccine for any of these incurable diseases) the present invention has been devised to attenuate any bacteria, virus (including the AIDS HIV virus), parasites and fungus contained in blood contributed by a donor, these being rendered ineffective for infecting a normally healthy human cell’. Before these claims were accepted by the patent examiners, they had to provide the examiners with massive proof.

Now there has been a cure, a known cure and it costs $1.32 per patient so there is no money in this if they are trying to sell you combination therapies for $20,000 to $60,000 per year.

I strongly recommend that you get the paper as it contains the exact electrode locations which have been found to work the best and get the maximum current into the blood. It is almost as if God the Creator had locked the back door approach to the problems and with an adversary like the Holy Spirit which is within – the Bible says ‘look within, not without’. And this time, the adversary is within. The ‘aliens’ in your blood are the things which are holding down your lifespan to seventy or eighty years. Many, many generations ago, according to the sacred texts, they lived to be several hundred years old, Solomon, David, Methuselah, etc.

So, we have raided about a dozen different medical textbooks including Grey’s Anatomy, and we’ve published the exact spots where you can access the lymph tissue where these germs are going to be hibernating. After you clear yourself and get a clean bill of health, after three to five years you will re-infect yourself when many of these viruses which are latent, start germinating. And with this information, and these circuit diagrams and these instructions, we have literally given you back to yourself.

We are going to show you all of this before I leave here. This is not my opinion any more, we have enough proof that it is a statement of fact and we can bank on it. If you are too lazy, too stupid, too electronically impaired or too frightened to build your own, there are forty known companies (and probably a hundred that I know nothing about) that are building these things full-time and they are getting the most remarkable reports back. I do meet these people, and NO, I do not get a nickel from any single one of these companies, and all of this information is in your paper.

Now what else do we have to watch for here. Nobody has ever to this day died of AIDS. Did you know that? They have died of the opportunistic infections, pneumonia, Carkinson’s sarcoma, etc. etc. that can attack and ruin your body when your immune system cannot handle the load, in fact it is called ‘HIV’ (Human Immune-deficiency Virus) ‘AIDS’ is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Now this is the only way that I know of, I know the people who have written the books on ozone therapy, I won’t mention their names, I know the doctors who are using all of the herbs and drugs. I have talked to the people who worked with Dr David Ho who was on last week’s Time magazine cover as the Scientist of the Year, who has discovered that if you use two or three chemotherapy agents at the same time, you have a cocktail effect and it reduces the HIV count, the PCR count in the blood tediously. But what he didn’t tell you, and I think I’ll read this which was in The Los Angeles Times December 10th 1996: “Drug combo knocks HIV down, not out”. And a basic thing happened, they took some of these patients who were on combination therapy, which incidentally cost $20,000 to $60,000 per year, as soon as they stopped taking these cocktails, they got immensely elevated counts up in the millions or billions of AIDS counts, as though these chemotherapy agents, (AZT, DDI, DD5, etc.) had held this viral load down in the blood as long as they were taking it. The minute they stopped, it rebounded and many of the people were critically ill and they had to put them back on it immediately.

So, once you start on this cocktail therapy, you are stuck with it for life, as long as you live, and as you know from the International AIDS Conference in Japan last year, they found that none of these AZTs etc. prolonged the life of one single AIDS patient by even one day. Their’s is simply a promise, they are engineered to get your money while they give you hope. I was beaten up and bloodied; I was hit over the head and had blood running down my face, by ‘AIDS Act Up’ David Buller it was that was running this crusade in New York city in February. He called the New Yorker Hotel and said that they would burn down the hotel, so they gave me a bodyguard (who wasn’t around there all the time) and said ‘Bob, do not use the front door but go around the back and use the service entrance – never go out the front door of this hotel. The last day when I was there and I had to run out to get a shuttle to take me to the New Jersey airport to bring me home, there was a guy standing across the street with a video camera and a guy who hit me over the head and bloodied me, and I didn’t chase him down the street because my knees aren’t very good as I don’t have any cartilage in them.

But when’s the last time that you saw me Ivan – about three years, four years ago? Do you notice anything that’s different? I lost 130 pounds – I weighed 290 and I have pictures of me to prove it. My hair on top was thinner than some of my old good buddies here. As soon as I got rid of the adversaries – the aliens in my blood, my immune system took over and I got rid of the half a pound or so of parasites which every man, women and child in America (if he’s more than four days old) is carrying. A new-born baby, after four hours has breathed enough air to become infected. If you live in America, there are 140 known indigenous parasites. If you live in Africa or the tropics, there are 500 identified and known parasites and probably half as many again that are unknown. When we got these parasites out of my body by wearing this device on my wrist, an amazing thing happened. I began losing weight like crazy. I thought ‘my God, have I got stomach cancer or am I wasting away with something?’. No, I was in better shape than I was before I started.

This is a theory: about 30% of the parasites which live in human beings, and these can range from fourteen feet (4.27 m) long if they are a tape-worm down to microscopic size (which is why they have to use microscopes to do the stool analysis if you go in for a check), these parasites were setting my appetite. If you will think about this for a minute, it is not what you eat or how much you eat that has anything whatsoever to do with your weight. It is how much of what you eat you store as fat because the parasites have changed the P51, the leptin and about five or six known neuro-transmitters in the hypothalamus to feed them tomorrow. Many of these parasites have co-existed with mammals – apes, elephants …. for twenty million years and the anthropologists will tell you that they find them whenever they find a carcass frozen in the ice floes, these things have had parasites for as long as ever man has been on the planet. These parasites have learned to use you as a meal and not kill you because then they are going to die themselves, like ebola which runs it’s course in a couple of weeks. Many of these viruses do that, but these parasites almost kill you and use you for a meal in the same way that we send cattle to a feed loft before we take them to market. And when these parasites vanished from my body, and this is provable by dark-field microscopy, phase-contrast microscopy, any doctor who does this analysis can prove it, you don’t have to take my word for it, I lost all of that weight and before this time I had offered $10,000 cash currency ‘under the table’ to anyone who could get this weight off of me.

I had tried dozens of diet plans. I had tried these canned-meal Jenny Craig type adventures. I had been injected with pregnant mare’s urine. I know that some of you have been through the same things. I had taken legal amphetamines to control my appetite … I had tried everything until I had nearly killed myself. And until I found the true cause of what I believe is about 30% of the people who are overweight, and this was certainly me, I was terribly embarrassed to find the airline stewardess running down the aisle with a seat-belt extender because the seat-belt wouldn’t fit around me. I couldn’t sit in the booth in a restaurant because I’d have to sit on a chair, etc. etc.

The lady at the back of the room, Jane had inoperable cancer when I met her. She said “I’m going along with blood-cleansing here, and not the chemotherapy and radiation which the doctor had said that if I do not have I will surely die”. And her daughter Cathy was outraged because her mother didn’t do all of this chemotherapy and have her hair drop out … Now she is totally well. Her last several physicals – biopsies and CAT scans – have shown not one speck of cancer anywhere in her body. Neither have dozens and dozens of ‘terminal’ cancer patients.

Now, why does this work for cancer? We started out working with viral and microbe and parasitic diseases. When oncologists in the East began reporting many, many, many cancer cures, we had to have a telephone conference between about for or five of us. Now what’s really happening here? I don’t believe it until I see the medical proof. So I guess you know that about three months ago Explorer magazine published an article entitled ‘Total Cancer Remissions through Blood Electrification combined with Silver Colloid’. And this article of two pages is reprinted in it’s entirety in the paper which you should be taking home with you.

Social Security does not want you to live if you get to be 65. I’m now way past that. I don’t act like it, but I am way past that, I’m in my seventies. The Director of Social Security – I will not mention his name because he picks me up at the airport when I’m in Washington and drives me where I’m going – I’ve stayed in his house – says ‘Bob, we want anyone who reaches 65 to be stored like cord-wood in an old-age home and given mind-control drugs like valium and let him die because Social Security is bankrupt now, it won’t be bankrupt in five years time as it is bankrupt now. And if you restore perfect health to these people with a device that will fit in your shirt pocket, the job market will not absorb the people getting out of college today. Even if McDonalds has a smart cash register, they can’t add or subtract, they can hardly write a paragraph and you want to get these experienced people back in the jobs market?’. I said ‘hell yes!’ I was 65 nearly ten years ago.

Another problem: this steps on the toes of all the vested interests. They are expecting to make hundreds of thousands of dollars off of you: Health Management organisations, insurance companies, hospitals, … If you own a boat that thing is written into the budget of the boat builder down there in San Pedro. These medical people expect to see you come in there some day and spend a lot of money, but if you do this for yourself, you will get well. There are seventeen of us who I know of, and I know sixteen of them personally, who this day have immortal blood. Now this is a rather dramatic claim, so let me tell you what it means. Toward the end of last year, there was a dark-field microscopist ‘Mike’, you know his name, he is world famous, he’s the fellow who trains doctors all over the world how to use this type of technology for diagnostic work. He invited a chap in who had been on one of these devices for about six months, and he said ‘Let’s look at your blood’, so he pricked his finger, put that drop of blood in a microscope slide and looked at it. And he said ‘you don’t have any background clutter in your blood’. Of course, they couldn’t see viruses as this was a light microscope with a magnification of about three thousand times, back-illuminated. He said ‘just a minute – I must have done something wrong’, so he stuck another finger, then he went to the earlobe and made a slide and said ‘what have you been doing? anyone who has ever come to me, man, woman or child, in the last thirteen years, you can see the parasites, many of the germs, microbes and bacteria swimming around in the blood but you don’t have any at all. The patient said that he had been on the blood cleaner so Dr Mike said ‘give me some of those, I’ve got to test them on some of my patients – I don’t believe you’. He did, and they worked.

Now, in Colorado, blood is considered ‘toxic waste’ or hazardous waste. It must be picked up and disposed of by incineration by registered toxic waste disposal people. Dr Mike had thrown these three or four slides in a box underneath his laboratory table. He looked down at this box about twenty-seven days afterwards and checked the slides again under the microscope. That blood was still alive. The half-life of human blood on an unsealed microscope slide is between two and a half to four days maximum. Twenty-seven days had gone by and the red cells were swimming in the plasma exactly the same as the minute he had drawn that blood. It had not crenated (serrated around the edge) – a fibrin reaction had not set in although it had evaporated around the edges. Now let’s get to the point. One month after that, that is some fifty-one days later, those slides had not yet been picked up for disposal, so Mike checked them again. The blood had ‘circled the wagons’: there was about a half a millimetre spot in the middle where the cells had not evaporated and were still alive.

The people in his practice who had been tested upon with the blood cleansers have now got immortal blood. Now, what does this mean? If ‘the adversary is within’ he might not be a man with a red tail and horns out there somewhere with the number 666. Just as the Holy Spirit dwells within this temple, so might the adversary, at least the aliens which have been involved with us over many, many moons are in there and you can see them if you go to a dark-field microscopist, if you get rid of those, who knows what is going to happen? What happened to me. I was so fat that I was in a wheelchair and I had been given up for dead. The doctors who came to see me, friends of mine who were Medical Doctors who hadn’t made a house call in Beverley Hills in thirty years, were coming down to my apartment saying ‘Bob, you’d better dispose of whatever you’ve got – you’ll never walk again. I was given so many tests. I brought Dr. Alexander Everett from Washington, paid his way, put him up in the Red Lion hotel. He worked on me until he said ‘Bob, I’ll have to go back now, there is nothing that anyone can do for you’. And I was in a wheelchair, but I’m sure as hell not dead! Everything is working well again.

My blood pressure when I started this averaged 219 over 190 and was borderline diabetic with blood sugar 425 to 475. Today my blood pressure is 130 to 140 over 70 to 75 and after just three weeks my blood sugar had dropped to 150, which at that time was considered normal.

So I’m here to share this information with you. I have nothing for sale. There are people who are selling things, I’m not one of them. Part of that is because I believe that God’s work should be given freely. I expect to get my reward somewhere else if I don’t come back to this planet of painful endeavour. I have a lot of theories about this and also the Food and Drugs Administration has come to my door with drawn guns at three o’clock in the morning. I have been beaten up by the people supporting the pharmaceutical houses who don’t want a $1.32 cure for AIDS.

Bob also speaks of his use of colloidal silver, (a document on which can be downloaded using the download link here) although Bob’s method of production looks more simple. He says:

This is a glass of water which I got out of the kitchen. I’ve taken a single 9-volt battery and put a little “grain of wheat” bulb (6 to 12 volt 55 milliamp) in series with the battery and these two silver wires. There is no known germ, bacteria or microbe which can survive what I am about to do right now. I’m going to put these two silver wires into this glass of water, about half an inch (12 mm) apart, and leave them there for about three minutes. That is all it takes. This is tap water and you can make this silver colloid for about one tenth of a cent per gallon and that is the most powerful medicine known to man. After three minutes Bob stirs the colloid with a plastic knife and demonstrates how a laser beam reflects off the microscopic particles of silver suspended in the water and then drinks the water. Bob drinks two or three glasses of colloid each day. The colloid prevents you from contract secondary infections during the first three weeks while you are getting well with the blood electrification process.



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