The Suppression of Knowledge

   The basis for how we live our lives and understand the things around us, society, personal relationships, family values and the like, is rooted in what we are told by “the authorities”. Unfortunately, much of what you have been told is just not true. You have been lied to about science, astronomy, the environment, global warming, government, taxation, war, energy, inventions, education, terrorism, health, finance and the media, to name a few that spring to mind.

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There has been, and still is, systematic, deliberate, and frequently brutal suppression of scientific fact. We are being told that you have to “burn a fuel” in order to produce power which is then “consumed” when we use it to power our lives. This is a deliberate lie. We are told “scientific” things which are sheer fantasy and designed to keep the truth from us. The objective is to keep the people of this planet ignorant, weak, and subject to the people who know the real facts, and to remove all possible wealth from the ordinary person.

Patrick Kelly.-