The Suppression of Knowledge

   The basis for how we live our lives and understand the things around us, society, personal relationships, family values and the like, is rooted in what we are told by “the authorities”. Unfortunately, much of what you have been told is just not true. You have been lied to about science, astronomy, the environment, global warming, government, taxation, war, energy, inventions, education, terrorism, health, finance and the media, to name a few that spring to mind.

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The energy companies are very keen to sell you fuel for you to burn to “get” energy to run your vehicles, home appliances, heating, etc. They are also very keen that you should not discover that you are surrounded by energy which can be used for all those things without paying the local energy company anything. Most people imagine that the electrical power which flows out of the wall socket in your home (and for which you have to pay a good deal), comes along the wires from the generator station which burns fossil fuel to drive the generators. That is not the case, as not a single electron of the current you use actually comes from the power station but instead is collected locally from free environmental energy. If you knew how to do it, then you would have no need for the power company, power lines across the country, power stations or oil drilling and shipment around the world. Cars don’t need fuel to run but that information is heavily suppressed and you are lied to when you are told that you need to burn a fuel to power your life.

Patrick Kelly.-