The Suppression of Knowledge

   The basis for how we live our lives and understand the things around us, society, personal relationships, family values and the like, is rooted in what we are told by “the authorities”. Unfortunately, much of what you have been told is just not true. You have been lied to about science, astronomy, the environment, global warming, government, taxation, war, energy, inventions, education, terrorism, health, finance and the media, to name a few that spring to mind.

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You are expected to believe that the media is an honest and unbiased source of information. The reality is that all of the main media outlets are owned by just a few, very rich individuals, and their objective is not to provide unbiased reporting. It appears that they have three main objectives.

First, they want to make money and objective and truthful reporting does not necessarily help towards that goal. You will never, ever, find honest reporting of anything to do with free-energy or any other positive thing which individuals can do for themselves. For example, if a “report” is made on say, a hydroxy booster to improve mpg and reduce harmful emissions dramatically, it will be arranged that the supposed results show that these thing are not worthwhile. Contrast that with the reality that Dr Scott Cramton can use hydroxy gas to reduce the fuel requirement of any diesel engine by at least 60%. No matter how you try, no major news outlet will every report the honest facts as that could damage the excessive revenue stream of the oil companies.

Second, they want to generate as much fear and worry as possible because doing that over an extended period, causes the average person to be more amenable to having their freedoms taken away from them. It facilitates the introduction of surveillance on everybody, identity papers (birth certificate, driving licence, passport, social security number, voting register, National Census record, etc. – very much in the Nazi occupation style), going to war with countries which have never harmed you, considering people to be dishonourable just on the basis of their nationality, and the like. Try counting the items reported in the daily news which are negative – murders, attacks, dishonesty, deaths through accidents, deaths through natural disasters, kidnappings, piracy, violence, environmental damage, etc. and compare that number to the count of positive things reported on – happy events, acts of kindness, successful ventures, etc. and see what ration you get, day after day, after day. This is not just sales being boosted because people love to read about disaster. Instead, it is a deliberate, long-term policy of psychological warfare against ordinary people.

Third, they deliberately divert the attention of people away from anything of real importance by promoting and encouraging excessive interest in things of no importance. There is a deliberate dumbing-down of almost all TV programs in the UK, the promotion of excessively violent video games, the promotion of trivia such as celebrities and their activities, dieting, gossip, fashion, and other irrelevant topics. They want you to give all of your attention to these things and not notice what is actually going on all around you.

Patrick Kelly.-