The Suppression of Knowledge

   The basis for how we live our lives and understand the things around us, society, personal relationships, family values and the like, is rooted in what we are told by “the authorities”. Unfortunately, much of what you have been told is just not true. You have been lied to about science, astronomy, the environment, global warming, government, taxation, war, energy, inventions, education, terrorism, health, finance and the media, to name a few that spring to mind.

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Inventions    Education    Terrorism    Health    Finance    The Media    Joseph H. Cater

The general public is held subject to what passes for ‘government’ through fear and ignorance. The government announces that some country needs to be attacked and invaded in order to “free” the people and establish democracy. So, generally without any realistic reason, that country is attacked and invaded, much of the civilian population killed, massive property damage inflicted, and great distress and hardship caused for many people. This is organised by the politicians. Do they themselves take part in the fighting? No. Who benefits from the war? Answer: the arms manufacturers, and companies such as Halliburton which are paid taxation money to rebuild what the local army has just spent time destroying. The country attacked is likely to have it’s assets stolen and then be saddled with a massive fake debt so that it can be forced to pay incredible amounts of “interest” for decades afterwards. The lucky country has been attacked, damaged, citizens killed, infrastructure destroyed, assets stolen and then robbed for years afterwards by the people who caused that devastation. You did say that you live in “a free democracy”, didn’t you?

Patrick Kelly.-