The Suppression of Knowledge

   The basis for how we live our lives and understand the things around us, society, personal relationships, family values and the like, is rooted in what we are told by “the authorities”. Unfortunately, much of what you have been told is just not true. You have been lied to about science, astronomy, the environment, global warming, government, taxation, war, energy, inventions, education, terrorism, health, finance and the media, to name a few that spring to mind.

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We are told that we need to run our lives by burning “fossil fuels” which are limited in quantity and so there is “an energy crisis”. While some oil is produced by the decay of organisms and vegetation laid down in earlier eras, oil wells which were pumped supposedly dry are actually filling up again with oil created in the crust of the Earth and which does not come from decaying vegetation and organisms. Nor is there the slightest need to burn oil for power, or have central power stations and fragile wires running all over the countryside. Those things are wanted by the powerful elite in order to control ordinary people and to part them from their money.

Patrick Kelly.-